Deadmau5 STME Remix

At the end of 2014 Beatport announced a remix great competition that had an amazing first prize. 

Artists and producers were invited to remix the Dillion Francis Remix of Deadmau5 "Some Chords". The first prize for the competition is to get a release on the Deadmau5 label Mau5trap.

Initially I wasn't going to enter the competition as even though it had only been hours since the comp announcement, there were already HUNDREDS of submissions or poor "EDM".

The night before the closing of the competition I remembered about it and checked out the submissions - it was still EDM dominated so I thought "F*ck it, i'll throw something a little different into the mix". I know my submission will be lost within the thousands upon thousands of doomf doomf wakka wakka wakka dubsteppy EDM hardcore stuff but at least I gave it a shot. Gotta be in it to win it.

My entry uses midi of the main riff to drive L & R channels separately. These were fed into my Teenage Engineering OP-1 tape where I could knock the sync out slightly for some crazy stereo effect. Everything else is a little f*cked up, off-time, dirty, distorted and mostly driven by the chaos of machines than scrutinised and quantized.