TE PO Rant

They're here! Or so we thought!

Teenage Engineering's new Pocket Operators are affordable, hackable synth fun fun fun - there's no denying that. The anticipation within the TE fan community was huge as no one knew what the company were going to be announcing at NAMM 2015. We knew that there was a little drum machine on the horizon but had no idea there was a Bass and Synth PO too!

Sales were to be from Colette (an amazing little tech and fashion boutique in Paris) and from Teenage Engineering directly. I was ready to pounce and literally was hitting refresh on both sites and making sure I was never too far away from a computer.

When the PO's appeared on the Colette website I was sitting around a boardroom table engaged in a meeting. I was keeping an eye on the stock action on my phone and had even added some to basket. Then I thought .... "Nah, I'll buy from Teenage Engineering directly - give them my custom directly and maybe even get some little freebies like stickers or badges thrown into the deal 'cos that's the kind of company they are.".

So I disregard my basket but still watch Colette site where the items sell out ridiculously fast!

The TE site still wasn't live. I was still hitting refresh .......


Then it appears! I dive into the site and into the new shop - only briefly glancing to notice "oo nice new site!" but not hanging around to look around as I just want into the shop.
Everything is still in stock (YES!) as I can add all three PO's to basket (Sadly I don't seem to be able to add the cases though) get to the checkout, pay .... and relax in the knowledge I've just bought three amazing little new synths. I feel very happy in the knowledge that I got in there fast before they sold out which would mean I'd get them quick and be able to make some jamming videos on my Youtube Channel.

This doesn't seem to be the case though. I got a receipt email immediately but as the hours went on and into the next day I still had not received my confirmation email of dispatch.

A visit to operator-1.com (The OP-1 community) confirms that no one else there had their confirmation either. I sent TE an email and they let me know they'll send out an email to everyone during that week to let them know when the PO's will be sent.

The email gets sent out by TE saying that some will be sent out but most will be 2-3 months.

I realise that the demand for these devices must have been massive but I would have thought TE would have accounted for this. Nowhere on their site was it indicated that it was a PRE-ORDER I was making rather than a straight purchase. The site could have jumped to a "pre-order" status once the current stock was sold out.

If I had been told that I wouldn't receive the units for 2-3 months I wouldn't have minded. The fact I wasn't has left me a little peeved to say the least.
Have I the patience to wait? I don't know. The money returned from a refund could go towards something like an iPad where I could get some instant gratification happiness from Korg Gadget!

I still love my OP-1 but TE, I'm not loving you guys much at the moment :P